Beets Cafe: Keeping Austin Weird With Delicious Raw Food

Whenever I think of Austin, I always think of Tom Green’s character, Barry, in Road Trip. “Austin, Massachussets?”…”Unleash the fury Mitch!”  That and South by Southwest were pretty much all I thought about the city until I visited there last...
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The Chicago Diner: Great Plant-Based Eats in the Land of Polish Sausages

Having only passed through Chicago until a few weeks ago, I’ve always pictured the city to be incredibly meat-centric, like that awesome SNL skit “Bill Swerski’s Superfans” where Chris Farley (RIP, you genius) complains that he’s got a “polish...
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CIBO: Delicious and Healthy Convenience Store at O’Hare

Trying to eat healthily while traveling can be a real bitch, especially if you get stuck in an airport with a delayed flight, which seems to happen far to often these days. If you happen to be stuck in Chicago O’Hare like I was last week (actually I was stuck there twice...
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Los Angeles

The Harvest Bar – Powerfully Delicious Superfood Bowls in Sherman Oaks

Acai berries are definitely trendy “superfoods” these days, and they seem to actually live up to the hype. Loaded with some of the highest antioxidant content of any food on the planet, acai berries have been shown to significantly boost immune function, help control...
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Cafe Gratitude in Venice – So Good I Keep Forgetting to Review it

This review is a little late, considering this restaurant has been open for quite a while and I’ve gone several times, but to be honest the food is so good I always forgot to take pictures of my dishes until recently.  I’ve been to Cafe Gratitude many times before,...
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Golden Road Brewery: Craft Beers and Vegan-Friendly Bar Food in Atwater Village

A whole foods plant-based diet is the best way to stay healthy, but once in a while you’ve gotta enjoy a delicious microbrew, right?  Enter Golden Road Brewing Pub, owned by the same folks who opened Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank and Mohawk Bend in Silverlake.  Mohawk...
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Dodger Stadium: Vegan Sloppy Joe Sandwiches

Those of you who know me personally know I’m an enormous baseball fan and that I live for my Dodgers.  I try to make it out to games as much as time permits – no matter how bad the traffic or parking is, Dodger Stadium is still a beautiful venue to watch baseball and...
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Blue Cow Kitchen: Vegan-Friendly Dining Downtown

This weekend, we spent some time downtown, something we don’t do all that often.  We were down there to see the “American Idiot” musical (which was absolutely awful), but before we saw the show, our friends took us to a restaurant nearby called Blue Cow Kitchen....
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Seed Bistro [Closed]

Update:  Eric’s other restaurant, Seed Kitchen in Venice, is still open.  I’ll head there soon and post a review.   I wanted to take the wife out some place nice for Valentine’s Day, but instead of getting a reservation at a regular restaurant and going...
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Hugo’s Tacos: Quick Tacos and Amazing Vegan Soft Serve in Studio City

A friend of mine told me about the fact that Hugo’s Tacos, a plant-friendly taco stand just off the 101 at Coldwater, is now selling vegan soft-serve ice cream.  I went by and got a chocolate/vanilla swirl and it was delightful.  Definitely not the healthiest thing in the...
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Stuff I Eat: Amazing Plant-Based Eats in Inglewhat? Inglewood!

I had been hearing about this plant-based restaurant that was kind of close to us called “Stuff I Eat.”  The menu looked delicious and the name of the place was pretty cool, so I decided to check it out.  The only drawback is that it’s in Inglewood, which is a...
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Shojin: Unbelievably Delicious Plant-Based Sushi Downtown

It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and my fiancée and I decided to go try this place called Shojin that I’d been hearing about on some other blogs.  It’s a vegan, macrobiotic sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo.  Although all the reviews I’d read were excellent,...
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Cru: Plant-Based Fine Dining in Silverlake

So I went on a hike in Griffith Park with some friends a few weeks ago, and since I don’t get out that far east very often, I convinced my hiking buddies to try out a plant-based restaurant nearby.  I had originally settled on Flore Vegan, but we couldn’t find it on...
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Vinh Loi Tofu: Probably the Only Reason to go to Reseda

Unless you’re a die-hard Ralph Macchio or Billy Zabka fan and want to hang out in the town in which they fought it out in “The Karate Kid,” you really have no reason to go to Reseda, California.  It’s now more or less a principality of Tijuana.  However,...
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New York

Maimonide: Vegan Restaurant in Brooklyn Draws Inspiration From Medieval Jewish Scholar

Has anyone on the East Coast been to this place?  If not, check it out for me, will ya?  From Tablet Magazine: Meatless Moses What does Maimonides have to do with vegan food? A new restaurant in Brooklyn draws unexpected inspiration from the medieval Jewish scholar. Maimonides,...
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Candle 79: The Best Vegan Restaurant Ever

There are some pretty good vegan restaurants in LA – Madeleine’s, Seed Bistro, Native Foods, to name a few – but since I started paying attention to plant-based dining establishments, all I’ve heard is how amazing some of the New York places are.  Although...
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Washington DC

Science Club: Plant-Based Eats and Good Drinks in DC

Hey everyone, I’m in DC for the week, and although I won’t really be able to try out any recipes this week, I’ll be checking out some restaurants here with good plant-based options.  First on the list was Science Club, a bar/restaurant that I’d heard good...
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