“First, Jeff is the most knowledgeable person on nutrition that I’ve ever met, hands down. Second, Jeff has one of the most generous hearts of anyone I’ve worked with. He’s been with Groceryships almost from the beginning; he’s given selflessly, with great generosity of heart and time. I could not recommend him more highly, as both a health coach, and as a team-member as part of any organization.”
— Sam Polk, Founder and Executive Director of Groceryships

“Jeff has been invaluable in my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.  Our discussions about recipes, cooking techniques, and literature have helped me make sense of the vast information surrounding plant-based eating.  Even more importantly, Jeff has been a consistent source of inspiration and encouragement.  I’m glad to have him as a resource and as a friend.”  — Carson

“The Plant Eater’s cooking class was a delightful, informative and surprisingly delicious evening.  I went looking for some healthy cooking ideas and was inspired to eat more vegetarian meals.  Have already made two of the recipes, including a “mock tuna salad” that was a hit at my book club (and I hate real tuna salad).  I highly recommend Jeff for his passionate advocacy that never borders on the fanatical.  The fact that he is incredibly nice, doesn’t hurt either.” — Alison

“Loved your class!  Meticulously organized and tailored to our needs as empty nesters. The food was great, even from someone who hates vegetables. A truly delightful evening.” — Carol

“What a world Jeff introduced me to!  After years of struggling with my weight and with diets that left me hungry, Jeff’s delicious recipes were my jumping off point into the world of plant-based, nutrient rich cuisine.  Fewer than two months later, I’ve lost nearly 20 lbs, I feel mentally clearer, and people comment that my skin is glowing.  This, to me, is clearly the way we as a species are supposed to eat, and Jeff has an educated, easygoing way of opening up your eyes to this.  I look forward to more sessions together!” — Jay